Perma Set

As well as 100’s of boulder problems, training area, 35 degree board, 18 degree circuit board and a traverse wall we also have our Perma Set.

As its name suggests, we have got the master Dan Varian to set 15 problems that we intend to leave up permanently at VauxWall.  The holds are hand crafted by Beastmaker and are all wooden so should survive the ravages of thousands of chalky fingers over many years.  The problems set the standard for their grades (V1 to V10) so we can calibrate our other routes and prevent grade inflation or deflation over time.  More importantly, these problems will always be there so you have a true measure of how you are developing from beginner to master boulderer (likewise it can also be a stark reminder of how your standard may decline as the years take their toll!).  There is no better feeling of achieving success on a problem that you may have tried a hundred times over many months and years! All permanent problems are set without the use of volumes for hands or feet.  At times, volumes may temporarily impede the problems but we shall endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

Here we see GB Bouldering team member Louis Parkinson giving you oodles of beta and psych to send all of our wooden perma set.


The film was created by Adrien Godet