VauxWall West – Open 6am-11pm 7 days per week

With winter approaching and the centre getting busier we are extending our opening times at VauxWall West to give you even more opportunity to enjoy the centre. We would love to extend our opening times at VauxWall East but we are currently limited by the conditions of our planning consent.


From 1st October our new opening times at VauxWall West will be:

7 days a week – 6am -11pm

Off Peak on Weekdays is 6am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak on Weekends will change to 6am-11am & 7pm-11pm


Opening times at VauxWall East remain the same:

Weekdays –12noon -10pm

Weekends – 9am -7pm

Off Peak Weekdays 12noon-4pm Only

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am Only


On Bank Holidays both West and East will be open 9am-9pm with off peak access 9am-11am only. 



Although the peak time period on weekends is growing slightly from 6pm to 7pm we now have an extra 10 hours for you to climb in at off peak rates.

Just arrive before 11am or after 7pm at VauxWall West on a weekend and the standard entry price is £4 cheaper.

Our Off peak recurring membership is just £40 per month and gives you access to over 60% of VauxWall West’s opening times in addtion to access to our 4 other London centres during thier Off Peak times.

We want you all to have a fanatastic climbing session every time you climb with us so we highly recommend our quieter off peak times.

At peak time we monitor check ins carefully to ensure we operate ‘1 out, 1 in’ when we reach our capacity, this is not the capacity of the building but the number what we feel still allows you to have fun and safe session.

So who’s coming climbing at 6am on Saturday 5th October?