VauxWall West is expanding

Our original London bouldering gym is being extended for a second time into two neighbouring arches. These are set to open at the beginning of June 2021.

These new arches will increase the overall size of the centre by 40% and will include two areas:

The Gym Arch:

The VauxWall East gym has proven popular and the little gym area at VauxWall West has always been limited. The new gym will include a circuit board, 45-degree splatter board, campus board, fingerboards and an extensive weights and conditioning area.

Also within this arch will be four new toilets, three individual changing cubicles, an extended locker area and a bigger bike rack to encourage you to cycle to our centres.

The Comp Arch:

This new arch will feature a 25-metre long competition wall covering a huge range of angles and climbing styles to make it accessible for all. There will also be an extra traverse wall for warming up, building your endurance and practising that footwork.

Will you be updating the existing centre?

Yes, we will.

The campus board and circuit board will be converted to more bouldering, the old gym will become a stretching area and the toilet block, lockers and bike rack in the cafe area will be removed to make a relaxed social space to enjoy with your friends.

We will also be investing in lots of new holds and volumes and continue with a rolling repaint of the centre to ensure a great friction surface and a clean, premium centre.