VauxSquad Try-Outs: Competition Results

A huge thanks to everyone who attended our VauxSquad try-outs this morning! The 34 young competitors had 90 minutes to send 20 climbs set specifically for shorter climbers in our new competition arch at VauxWall West.

We have prizes for the winners of each category (male and female) and will contact you later in the week to let you know that they’re ready for collection.

Just a reminder that the results are not the only consideration for acceptance to the Squad and we will be in touch as soon as possible with our decision.

The climbs will remain up for another two weeks for anyone who wants to give them a go!


Female Male
Yolanda Moran 167 Apollo Andreichuk 175
Gaia Felice 133 Max Fouquet O’Garra 126
Isobel Ham 105 Matthew Zwi 111
Eveline Julius 98 Ripley Armitage 104
Lieu Yen Rivinus 83 Slater Cochrane 99
Isabel Dyer 74 Thomas Collier 87
Klara Sachariew 64 Elijah Stewart 85
Poppy Marchant 60 Arthur Tunley 61


Female Male
Cara Pischke 108 Yukio Makita 197
Suvana Wasu 103 Max Losson 190
Rafi Stobbs 68 Penn Mackintosh 151
Eve Jarvis 66 Leo Donaldson 148
Megan Goodman 47 Rufus Aagaard 144
George Garofalo 141
Zain Noor 129
Stefan Bosnjiak 128
Connor Tann 97
Ruben Fouquet O’Garra 95
Zane Gigg 71
Ethan Hewitt 68
Luke Scobie 46