3rd October 2019

Thanks to everyone who came down to VauxWest yesterday for our 33rd VauxComp!

The setters for this comp were Jay Lewin, Liam Fyfe & Andrew ‘Yorkie’ York. For the last comp, our chief setter had broken his collarbone (fell off his skateboard) and was unable to join us BUT IS NOW BACK and set some of the current comp set of climbs.

We were delighted to be joined by Duchy Arms pub at the comp. They not only brought down kegs of beer for after climbers were done competing, but also a pizza oven! Making handstretched pizzas to order, right here at VauxWest. This wonderful, friendly pub is just around the corner from here – Look out for one of our screenings of an IFSC final there.






30th October we have CroyComp over at CroyWall! Come join us for everything you love about the VauxComps – but this time at CroyWall!

! NEW OPENING HOURS AT VAUXWEST! Weekends at VauxWest will now be open from 6am – 11pm.


Thanks to the setters, Huge thanks to Duchy Arms for providing some particularly awesome food & drink this evening! And also to the VauxTeam. We are really lucky to have such a smashing team to look after all you guys and keep the centre going!


Have a good week & happy climbing <3