Five Centres, One Membership

Top up before 1st January to save. Updates to pricing structure.

Dear Customers

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year with LCC expanding to three sites. VauxWall East has helped reduce the pressure on VauxWall West, in addition to creating a unique climbing space that breathes new life into an old school assembly hall. HarroWall is everything we wanted it to be, a Centre large enough to host national events and an incredible canvas to create some truly memorable climbing sessions. HarroWall has also allowed us to diversify and offer more to junior climbers and families. Climbing is a lifelong sport for all and we want to make it accessible to everyone.

2019 is going to be another big year for LCC as we add two more centres in London – Five in total!  CroyWall will be a similar size to VauxWall East.  It opens in January 2019, 250 metres from Wandle Park Tram Station and less than a 20 minute walk from Croydon town centre.  After a long planning process, work has commenced at RavensWall.  This will be our most convenient Centre yet: the entrance is a mere 20 metres from Ravenscourt Park Tube Station on the District Line or a short walk from Hammersmith. This is due to open in March 2019. Check out CroyWall and RavensWall on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date. All gift cards, memberships and punch cards can be used at all our London Centres.  Opening times of all 5 sites are below.   So what next?!

CroyWall Instagram Link. RavensWall Instagram Link. CroyWall Facebook Link. RavensWall Facebook Link

In our fifth year in London, VauxWall West has continued to grow whilst maintaining its inclusive and positive vibe. Whilst busy opening new centres, we continue to focus on our original site investing £25,000 in refreshing the remainder of the matting, over £10,000 in new climbing holds and £15,000 in upgrading the showers.  Our new fourth arch has proven immediately popular.  We continue to actively pursue expanding VauxWall West to neighbouring arches on the other side of the Café Arch.

The overheads of running premium Centres in convenient locations continue to increase, with severe rent and rate rises with which we must contend.  We are 100% committed to deliver premium climbing gyms. We believe this is achieved through exceptional customer service, long opening hours and cleanliness. Added to this: a high turnover of boulder problems with quality holds, volumes and setters. Our events programme, free improver and coaching sessions continue to grow. In order to continue this high standard and continue to develop our Centres, there will be a small price increase effective from 1st January 2019.

It’s not all going up.  All membership prices have been frozen and we have increased our off peak times at HarroWall. We are also introducing updated Junior pricing and a family membership option to make our Centres more accessible to the future Jim Popes and Shauna Coxseys.

Our new Recurring Memberships have been very popular, allowing you to easily self-check in at all 5 sites with an array of great perks from free coffee to guest passes. From 2019, we are reducing the minimum commitment from 6 months to 3 months making this the most economical way to use our Centre’s twice or more per week, especially at off-peak times.  Due to this update we are removing our 3 month Prepaid Membership option.

You can take advantage of the current prices to top up your punch cards before the price increase in the New Year.

Thank you for your continued support in making our Centres welcoming hubs of climbing joy in London!

Tom & The LCC Team


Prices effective from 1st January 2019


Casual Entry (PAYG)
Type Cost
Adult Peak £13.00
Adult Off-Peak £9.00
Concession Peak £10.50
Concession Off-Peak £8.00
Junior Age 4 – 10 Peak £7.50
Junior Age 4 – 10 Off Peak £5.00
Junior Age 3 and under FREE


Punch Cards
Type Cost Price per session Saving over peak cost % Saving
5 Punch Card £55.00 £11.00 £2.00 15%
10 Punch Adult £105.00 £10.50 £2.50 19%
20 Punch Card £195.00 £9.75 £3.25 25%
10 Punch Junior (age 4-10) £60.00 £6.00 £1.50 20%
10 Punch Concession £85.00 £8.50 £2.00 19%


Prepaid Memberships
Type Cost
Off Peak 1 month £50
Anytime 1 month £70
Concession 1 month £60


Shoe Hire
Type Cost
Single Shoe Hire £3.50
5 Shoe Hire Pass £14
10 Shoe Hire Pass £26


Concession– Juniors 11-17, unemployed, senior citizens (over 65’s) and students in full time education. Proof of eligibility must be shown


Monthly Recurring Membership
Type Cost
Adult Off Peak £40 (monthly)
Adult Anytime £60 (monthly)
Concession Anytime £50 (monthly)
Family (adult + up to 2 children)  (under 18) £80 (monthly)


Summary of updated opening times and tariffs at our 5 sites:


VauxWall West Climbing Centre (SW8 1SR)

Open Weekdays – 6am -11pm

Open Weekends – 9am -9pm

Off Peak Weekdays 6am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 7pm-9pm


VauxWall East Climbing Centre (SE11 6BD)

Open Weekdays –12noon -10pm

Open Weekends – 9am -7pm

Off Peak Weekdays 12noon-4pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am


HarroWall Climbing Centre (HA1 4HX)  

Open Weekdays – 10am -11pm

Open Weekends – 9am -9pm

Off Peak Weekdays 10am-4pm & 8pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm


CroyWall Climbing Centre (CR0 4WN) Opening January 2019

Open Weekdays – 6am-10pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 10am-4pm & 8pm-10pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm


RavensWall Climbing Centre (W6 0UQ) Opening March 2019

Open Weekdays – 6am-10.30pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8pm-10.30pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm