Six Centres, One Membership: Top up before 1st January to save.

Updates to pricing structure

Dear Climbers

2019 has been another whirlwind year with LCC London expanding from three to five sites. CroyWall opened in January, offering a lovely open-plan climbing gym just off Purley Way in Croydon. This Zone 5 centre has a fantastic, friendly vibe with a great range of angles to play on. In April we opened RavensWall, a long, drawn-out project which was a labour of love. We saw the potential in a set of dripping unused arches in Hammersmith and turned them into our most convenient centre to date. The feedback on these two sites has been excellent and we love how many of you move around all our centres.

VauxWall East continues to thrive and offers increased choice for our VauxWall West customers, while also developing its own unique vibe and community during its second year. HarroWall has really grown into its National Performance Centre status; its events get bigger every time and it has become a real destination centre favoured for its endless space and fantastic variety of setting on the best climbing holds the market has to offer. Starting January 2020 we are extending weekend opening at HarroWall to 10pm to offer more off peak access time.

2020 will see the addition of our sixth centre: A small but perfectly formed convenient bouldering centre at Westferry DLR station a short walk from Canary Wharf. CanaryWall gives us a centre in the East to add to our membership offering.

In our sixth year in London, VauxWall West has continued to grow whilst maintaining its inclusive and positive vibe. To help ease the pressure at our most popular centre, we have recently extended the opening times to 6am-11pm seven days a week. We continue to focus on our original site, investing over £10,000 in new climbing holds and volumes in addition to implementing a repainting plan over 2019 and into 2020. We continue to actively pursue expanding VauxWall West to the neighboring arches on the other side of the Café Arch and are making some good but slow progress here; we will announce details as soon as this is confirmed.

Climbing participation is on a general upward trend and our neighboring climbing centres are all getting busier too. With the recent release of films Free Solo and Dawn Wall being viewed by mainstream audiences and the Olympics coming in 2020, climbing is seeing more attention and we are working hard to adapt to this to ensure you still get the best facilities and climbing experience possible with every session. From capping numbers at busy peak hours, to increasing opening times and offering appealing off peak rates for an extensive part of our opening times whilst also working hard to find additional sites, we want everyone to enjoy their LCC experience and feel at home in our centres doing the sport we all love so passionately.

The overheads of running premium centres in convenient locations continue to increase, with continued rent and rate rises occurring in 2019 and 2020 with which we must contend. We are 100% committed to delivering premium climbing gyms which we believe is achieved through exceptional customer service, long opening hours and cleanliness, and a high turnover of boulder problems with quality holds, volumes and setters. Our events programme, free improver and coaching sessions continue to grow and we will develop this in 2020 to further connect the London climbing scene. We believe strongly that our customers also want all of the above and we are committed to continue to invest in all our centres to create the best experience for any climber visiting them. In order to continue this high standard and continue to develop our centres, there will be a small price increase effective from 1st January 2020.

It’s not all going up. We have frozen Off Peak and Junior pricing to encourage people to climb outside of Peak evening hours. We will also be keeping 2019 Pay As You Go pricing at CroyWall for 2020.

Our recurring memberships keep growing in popularity, allowing you to easily self-check in at all five sites with an array of great perks, from free coffee to guest passes. During December 2019, we are offering our recurring members the opportunity to top up at 2019 prices to a maximum of 11 months (30th November 2020). To do this, simply ask at reception and pay as many months in advance as you choose; we will then set your next billing date for the month after. Please note that extended memberships cannot be frozen or refunded.

You can also take advantage of the current prices to top up your punch cards before the price increase in the New Year.

Thank you for your continued support in making our centres welcoming hubs of climbing joy in London!

Tom & The LCC Team

Prices effective from 1st January 2020

Casual Entry (PAYG) at CroyWall


 Type Cost
Adult Peak £13.00
Adult Off-Peak £9.00
Concession Peak £10.50
Concession Off-Peak £8.00
Junior Age 4 – 10 Peak £7.50
Junior Age 4 – 10 Off Peak £5.00
Junior Age 3 and under FREE


Casual Entry (PAYG) at all other LCC London Sites
 Type Cost
Adult Peak £13.50
Adult Off-Peak £9.00
Concession Peak £11.00
Concession Off-Peak £8.00
Junior Age 4 – 10 Peak £7.50
Junior Age 4 – 10 Off Peak £5.00
Junior Age 3 and under FREE


Punch Cards
Type Cost Price per session Saving over peak cost % Saving
5 Punch Card £    57.00 £11.40 £2.10 16%
10 Punch Adult  £ 110.00 £11.00 £2.50 19%
20 Punch Card  £ 205.00 £10.25 £3.25 24%
10 Punch Junior (age 4-10)  £    60.00 £6.00 £1.50 14%
10 Punch Concession  £    90.00 £9.00 £2.00 18%


Shoe Hire
Type Cost
Single Shoe Hire £3.50
5 Shoe Hire Pass £14
10 Shoe Hire Pass £26


Prepaid Memberships
Type Cost
Off Peak 1 month £55
Anytime 1 month £75
Concession 1 month £65


Monthly Recurring Membership
Type Cost
Adult Off Peak £45 (monthly)
Adult Anytime £65 (monthly)
Concession Anytime £55 (monthly)
Family (adult + up to 2 children)  (under 18) £90 (monthly)
Additional Family Member £35 (monthly)


Concession– Juniors 11-17, unemployed, senior citizens (over 65’s) and students in full time education. Proof of eligibility must be shown


Summary of updated opening times and tariffs at our 6 sites:


VauxWall West Climbing Centre (SW8 1SR)

Open Every Day – 6am -11pm

Off Peak Weekdays 6am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 6am-11am & 7pm-11pm


VauxWall East Climbing Centre (SE11 6BD)

Open Weekdays –12noon -10pm

Open Weekends – 9am -7pm

Off Peak Weekdays 12noon-4pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am


HarroWall Climbing Centre (HA1 4HX)  

Open Weekdays – 10am -11pm

Open Weekends – 9am – 9pm (10pm from January)

Off Peak Weekdays 10am-4pm & 8pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-10pm


CroyWall Climbing Centre (CR0 4WN)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 10am-4pm & 8pm-10pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm


RavensWall Climbing Centre (W6 0UQ)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10.30pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8pm-10.30pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm


CanaryWall Climbing Centre (E14 8AA) OPENS ~MAY 2020

Open Weekdays – 6am-11.00pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 9pm-11.00pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 6pm-9pm