Premium Coaching

For flexible premium coaching we recommend Catalyst Climbing.

Catalyst is a team of coaches providing a range of classes, private coaching sessions and workshops at a variety of fantastic venues in London.

Catalyst Climbing was conceived by Louis Parkinson, a lifelong passionate climber. Known for his relentless enthusiasm for bouldering and relying almost entirely on bull-headed persistence rather than efficient climbing technique, Louis has climbed for 14 years and travelled all over the world. He has competed nationally for many years, and represented team GB at the 2015 World Cup. He LOVES climbing outdoors on rock too, reaching the grade of V13 after many years of hard work. Louis has spent the majority of the last 5 years working as an indoor bouldering coach, slowly developing his own approach to coaching based on a couple of simple concepts:
Everybody is capable of far more than they first expect.

A bit of guidance on technique and a healthy boost in confidence goes a LONG way to helping people realise their true capabilities…


We run three different types of session throughout the week all over London!

  1. Catalyst Climbing Sessions
  2. Private Coaching
  3. Catalyst Climbing Workshops

All of them are run with the same underlying principles:

  • Learning to measure progress in multiple ways and making practice and training fun builds long-term motivation to improve.
  • Leading to constant progression and enjoyment.
  • We’re here to speed up the learning process when you need us ;)


Have a look at our website for details prices and of when and where our sessions take place!